Mineworks software is constantly being improved to help you with the mining tasks you face!
The new version of the software presents a number of innovations:
1) the filter for search of equipment models suitable for specific (specified) mining-and-geological conditions has been improved;
2) it has appeared an opportunity to filter models according to their names;
3) the number of filter parameters has been increased for all groups of equipment;
4) it became possible to indicate the ‘more-less-strictly equal’ ratio between filter parameters and model characteristics.
As an example, we will consider the work with the ‘powered support’ group, which general view of the database form is presented below.
1. button of saving the current (displayed) model to a file
2. button of saving the entire table of results
3. cut-out button for all the filters
4. buttons for the corresponding filters disabling 
5. filters settings
6. the modifiers of model characteristics ratio to the filter values 
7. technical characteristics of the models
8. table of models suitable under the specified conditions
9. model comparison tab
10. current model description
11. general information about the current state of the database
Mineworks program is constantly being improved to help you with the mining tasks you face!


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